Do you think you’re psychic? Maybe you experience a lot of super cool synchronicities. For instance, whenever you’re thinking of someone, they call you, or when you’re humming a song in your head, it starts to play on the radio. These divine moments show up to remind us that we’re connected to our inner guidance system and that we’re on the right track.The flow of synchronicity is always guiding us to what we need in order to heal and grow.

The world teaches us to deny this gift, but we must empower our intuition to keep guidance flowing. When we take ownership of our psychic abilities we can use them for the highest good. The flow of synchronicity is always guiding us to what we need in order to heal and grow. {Tweet}

If you’re psyched to learn more about this topic, I welcome you to join me and my friend, spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen, on 11/21 in L.A. for our lecture Empowered Intuition. If you’re not based in the L.A. area you can order the video and audio from the talk. Get your tickets here.

Own your psychic abilities starting now. Watch this week’s vlog!


When we’re around negative people it’s very easy to be taken down by their energy. If we’re not paying attention, we can soak up their darkness without even realizing it. Watch this video for guidance on how to stay positive when people try to bring you down. If you’re prone to getting sucked into negativity, or if you’re easily affected by other people’s energy, then make sure to watch this video and put this tool into practice. We must be mirror for the light rather than a sponge for the darkness. {Tweet it}

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