Every moment is a fresh start. Check out this meditation for a fresh start! 

Every moment is a fresh start. Check out this meditation for a fresh start! 


Ever feel like you want to press the restart button on your life? Getting a jump start doesn’t always come easy. We get comfortable in our patterns and behavior even when we know they don’t serve us. But there is a way out. If you want a fresh start, join me in a 40-day practice of this meditation.

Today I’m beginning to a new 40-day Kundalini meditation practice called the Liberation Kriya. A kriya is something you do to bring about a specific outcome. I’ve chosen to practice this specific kriya because it is designed to bring renewal and longevity, and it’s said to change the molecular structure of your body and mind. Practicing a kriya puts physical and mental changes in motion to simultaneously stimulate the body, mind and spirit. In Kundalini yoga it is suggested that you commit to a kriya or meditation for 40 days in order to create a new habit and experience long-lasting change.

In this video I will teach you how to practice the Liberation Kriya. I encourage you to test-drive this nine-minute practice for the next 40 days. You will experience a renewal in many ways and feel a new sense of freedom and lightness. Give yourself a fresh start.

The Liberation Kriya as taught by Yogi Bhajan and by my divine teacher Gurmukh

The suggested commitment is 9 minutes a day for 40 days.

Raise your right arm up and cross your thumb over your fist.

Project your index finger upward.

Do the same thing with your left hand.

Your arms become an arrow.

Close your eyes and breathe long and deep.

After 3 minutes change the mudra by releasing the pinkie finger and continue meditating for the next 3 minutes.

After 6 minutes you will release all your fingers and lift your heart up.

After 9 minutes inhale deeply and exhale completely.

Then let your hands come down and rest.

Do not go past 9 minutes. If you cannot do the full 9 minutes you can work up to it.

It is suggested that you practice this meditation for 40 days to create a new habit. If you skip a day, begin again. This meditation benefits every area of your life.

Enjoy the renewal and liberation.

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I often hear people complain that they feel unfulfilled in their lives. I’ve talked to many folks who feel disconnected regardless of their professional success, relationship status, family or anything else we associate with fulfillment and satisfaction. This disconnect is based on the deep metaphysical truth that when we detour into fear we forget that we are, ultimately, love and oneness.

It can be scary to confront the fact that we’ve based our lives on belief systems that lead to our downfall. But if you feel disconnected from the very people and things that can and should enhance your sense of purpose and fill you with joy, this confrontation is liberating. It’s a wake-up call. A beam of light.

That beam of light leads you out of the unfulfilled darkness—and the path is an easy one to follow. In this lecture clip I teach how to feel more fulfilled, purpose-driven and connected. You’ll instantly feel a sense of relief as your perspective changes. If you feel inspired by this talk, I welcome you to post your thoughts in the comments below.

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