Often the worst arguments are rooted in petty matters. The fight based on littleness can be extremely frustrating and a major waste of time and energy. In this video I share 3 steps for how to handle petty arguments. I have been practicing these 3 steps in all my relationships and I’ve experienced miraculous results.

The next time you’re ensnared in a petty disagreement, test-drive these 3 steps and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

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After the launch of my newest book, Miracles Now, I received some awesome emails from my readers. Many of them reported that they were intuitively guided to share the Miracles Now meditations with their kids! This news thrilled me. My hope and my intention is that those of us on a mindful path can organically plant spiritual seeds in our children. In this week’s vlog I share fabulous tips on how to teach meditation to kids. When you plant a spiritual seed in a child you can know that you have given them the greatest gift they could ever receive.

This week I have the privilege of leading a keynote at the Stretching Minds Gala, a fundraiser for the Newark Yoga Movement fundraiser. This beautiful organization serves over 15,000 children and residents of Newark by teaching them yoga and stretching their minds.

There are several other yoga/mindfulness organizations that I love and support. Check out Bent on Learning in NYC and Move Through Yoga in South Florida.

If you or someone you know have a kid’s yoga/meditation program in your local neighborhood please share the links in the comments below.

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